Too Casual For a Date

The idea of dating is often to attract a potential partner by putting on the best show, but some people have decided they are getting dates with those who are unsuited to their needs. They could find that dressing casual might help, but they could go too casual. Rather than attracting someone with a less tense attitude, they could get a potentially lazy person. They will need to find a comfortable compromise if they want the right person for them.

Many people who are Type A personalities tend to dress for success in all life circumstances, so dressing down a little can help avoid them as potential dates. Their idea of the perfect person for them could be someone who takes the time to get every detail of their clothing just right before they walk out the door. It is this type of persnickety behavior that can turn others off, and it is helpful in avoiding dating them.

Casual clothes generally point to a person being comfortable with their own life and circumstances, but it could also indicate they are not ambitious. While wearing something less than a full accessorized outfit could be a good way to go, looking like a slob could attract the wrong element. Jeans could be an acceptable item of clothing, but it might be best to pair them with a beautiful sweater, shirt or blouse. It will give the look of casual without falling by the wayside into sloppy.

Dressing for a date or even the potential to attract one is an experience many singles have had, and it can be wearying for those who continue to find the wrong people. Looking at what they have been wearing might be a sign they are ready to make some good compromises in their appearance so they can find just the right mix for their future partner.