Manicure Madness

For women, getting ready for a date often consists of choosing clothing, accessories and applying makeup. They go and get their hair done too, but many of them now have fallen into manicure madness. They get their fingernails trimmed and colored in a wide choice of styles, and they can include painted scenes and glitter. Some special events may even call for them to have a logo painted on one or two nails. It would seem that this is an unnecessary expense for something that only lasts a week or two, but it has become important in some social circles.

Beautiful hands have long been important to women, and their age shows quickly if they do not take care of them. While it used to be that women could wear gloves, modern times have changed that. No longer can a woman of a certain age count on a man looking only at her face when meeting, so creating a special look for her entire body is important. Using her fingernails as a form of art is part of the drive behind this new way of looking good.

Single women generally get their nails done on a regular basis if they are going out all the time, but it is often considered a necessary expense. Some women do their own nails, but it often takes a trip to a specialist if they want more than just a glossy color applied. Being able to paint full scenes on nails takes someone with experience.

Men might believe it is an indulgence on the part of women, but they could also say the same about hair and makeup. For modern women, this is yet another way for them to express who they are. Being able to be a part of the manicure madness of today is a signal that a single woman cares about herself and is confident enough to express it.